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About Us
Acme Paper Supplies, launched in 1996, is an "electronic B2B Marketplace", a global market matchmaker between buyers and sellers to meet their needs and to advertise their paper products worldwide. Acme Paper Supplies is the fastest and easiest way enterprises located across the globe can find their potential business partners. Acme Paper Supplies furnishes great business opportunities with over 400 thousand global offers and over 120 thousand product displays by 37,000 enterprises.

By allowing search of information at no cost and enabling participating enterprises to directly register and manage their product catalogs, the site is rapidly becoming a place of dynamic business. Acme Paper Supplies marches forward with a vision of providing full support for trade on the Internet in addition to improving the current service.

The new business model provides procuring and purchasing system to the buyer which includes goods as well as service that accompanies the import process, and helps find reliable buyers for the supplier while allowing the supplier the usage of one-stop supplementary service needed in export of goods at rational price.

We, Acme Paper Supplies, pledge to do our best to develop a place of business where the seller, buyer and companies providing trade support will all become successful participants.

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