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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Creating flash e-mail links

The Shockwave source file
Note that after the ‘swf’ file extension there is a question mark (?)  along with the household code (hC=%HHCODE%) an ampersand (&), and the reference code (Ref=16160).

Also, remember that the source of the shockwave file must be in both the EMBED and OBJECT tags for IE and Netscape backwards compatibility.

The Variables

The variables that are in the source of the html are “loaded” into the flash file above and then the coolpoints (cp), serial number (SN) and go value (go) can be set above as well. The button also is programmed to go to the URL and the variables are sent using the get method.

Creating pushmail

This means that e·mail designers must understand the breakdown of variables that are appended to links and what the differences are in loading and setting variables. Also, dissecting links that are provided by the pushmail team in order to create links that will work within flash e·mails.

Loading variables

Setting variables

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