Replication of images for newsletters and emails

What needs to be done each time:

You should use the replication tool if:

  1. Create a folder using 'A' and the advertiser number (ex. A12345)
  2. Put all the images you want to put on the server in the new folder
  3. Put the FOLDER into the Replicate Adv SHORTCUT (This will place the image in CSPROOF, IMG10, IMG11 and our other image servers)
  4. Make sure that the images were replicated correctly by using the creative cheat sheet
  5. Send to the internal checker
  • You have an image that is not already on the server (check here to see if the image exists)
  • The name of the image does not have spaces in it: 'some cool image for a newsletter.jpg' (this image should be renamed)
  • The name of the image does not have numbers in parentheses in it: an_image(1).gif
  • The weight of the image is less than or around 5 KB for newsletters and the total weight of images is around 30 KB for emails
  • The image is less than or at 100x100 pixels (just right click on the image from a browser to see it's properties)
How about images not associated with an advertiser?
  1. Put the IMAGE in the Replicate Img folder.
  2. Your image will be found at http://img10.coolsavings.com/img/<imgname>
  3. Use the creative cheat sheet to verify.
What you will need to do once:
Just in case you want to download the Word document, click here